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    1. My all time favourite as well! Let’s look faorwrd to some madness we all need some! Looking faorwrd to seeing what you make of Mab’s Welsh Dragon!

  1. Can’t help but think that the effort taken to create this was far from worth the end result… also, the song kinda lets it down. A lot. Cool lights though.

    1. praisemusicforever on October 14, 2011 @smilininthe3rd I was just informed by my sis that they auctally lived on Avenue A .don’t worry, I didn’t have it right either (at least I’m pretty sure it’s Avenue A after looking up some lyrics). Hilarious point though.

  2. If I lived across the street from this and had that going on every night I would be investing in a good quality sniper rifle.

    1. i will call the cops every night till he takes them down. i want to sleep at night, not think i am at some laser show.

  3. These are getting out of hand…as with most thing “yuppie” types do. Every a-hole had to try to outdo every other a-hole.
    Waste…but, at least it is his money to waste. Feel sorry for the neighbors. Might want to invest in a pair of good quality insulated side cutters to knock that crap off.

  4. They don’t show you the part where the house goes up in a blaze, not from the lights but the neighbors who have to deal with that every night.

  5. oh god enough alread with the friggen house lights and music! Congrats moron, you spent the time and money to sync your holiday lights with some shitty barely good, last year bullshit song. You’re captian of the douche-bags now, here’s your stupid medal. ..i..

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