5 Xmas Tree Ornament Fails


Design Fail

1.Army fetus tree ornament


2.Poop. No seriously, poop.


3.The Jersey Shore


4.Gangsta merman


5.A very upset baby

Submitted by Jared T.

Recent Comments

    1. Hehe yes… or you could have it saying “Quaid, start the reactor”… enough to give a man nightmares.

  1. These are great orni-mints! But i can’t imagine them being very tasty. Ah well! back to making fun of people to make myself feel better about being useless.

    1. I dunno… that frosted shit looks kinda tasty… and I only mock those who a) deserve it or b) are stupid enough to share embarrassing images/ footage online… which kinda puts them back in the a) category… I’m guessing that you’ve deeply offended by one of my comments at some point and for this, I am not sorry. Merry Christmas!

    2. Why are you talking to yourself?
      Fred, you better get over here pronto, Nicky has no one to talk to and is resorting to itself again.

    3. Actually Nicky, I have deep suspicions that this is 2LOLO reincarnated. Or maybe he truly is your alter ego, you never know.

    4. The grammar is too good for 2LOLO but not good enough to be my alter-ego… either way, I’m just glad to have another stalker. All this attention is really good for my low self-esteem 😉

  2. I also mock people! People who feel the need to mock others based on their narrow-minded opinions of what “normal” should be. overblown egos have a way of reinforcing themselves when they can be convinced everything will be okay as long as they are right…also easily deflated when needed.
    Happy Kwanzaa!

    1. Never seen the show, myself. I’ve seen the hoopla, and from that I’d have to say that a reality show called “Camden” and it’s natives would have made a more intelligent show. At least they would have some style. And, probably, better “shit” ornaments.

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