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    1. Its a holiday the Jews celebrate. Something about oil in a lantern or candle that lasted for 8 nights when it should have only lasted one. I don’t know if theres more to it. They get gifts for 8 nights, play with a top and eat chocolate coins.

    2. I thought it was when the men get circumsized, hang their foreskins on the fireplace mantle and the women stick candy and fruit in them.

    3. Fred you just mentally disturbed me… just going to crawl up into a ball right now and whimper

    4. I know what it is and I’m not a dirty Jew 😉 but I do kinda agree, why the fuck should we have to know what it is, if we’re not Jewish? Why do we have to give a shit? I certainly don’t… it’s all a load of outdated, manipulative fairytales anyway. If you choose to be ignorant, is it really ignorance?

  1. It’s a Jewish holiday that started when they lit a manurah that lasted for 8 days and gave them hope back in ancient times. Look it up. You all are so stupid (but the one who actually explained it).

  2. Obviously it takes zero living brain cells to function in society these days. Now is the perfect time. I motion to elect my testicles for president.

    1. I can see the headlines now: “Spankys Testicles Beat Obama in the Run for Presidency by a Landslide”

    1. Im not Christan but i know that Jesus was born on December 25 so the holiday in itself is misleading.

  3. hey stop ripping on the jews their humans like us, if you want to make fun of someone or perhaps kill them in one of my concentration camps it should be THE HOMOSEXUALS YEA FUCK YOU, QUEERS.

  4. HEY FUCK YOU MACHO MAN! ATHIEST DICK! WE CHRISTIANS WORK HARD TO KEEP OUR HOLIDAYS PURE like christmas is about jesus being born and easter is about him being hung on the cross MOST HOLIDAYS STARTED WITH GOD OR JESUS! except halloween i don’t know what satanic fuck started that, but still don’t put down religious holidays and such, it isn’t cool and its insensitive. excuse my cussing. you athiest dick head bastard. donkey boner

    1. WOOOOOOW i just can’t belive it! the incredible Hulk is real!! First i read about him in a BOOK!! And now they show a movie about him on TV!!
      And from what i can tell about that stuff i’ve seen so far, he would probably rape your Jesus, nail him to another cross and throw him into outer space!.
      The Hulk-Jesus 1-0!!

    2. You are a moron tom, no satanic fuck created halloween. If you want to talk about being insensitive then you just took the prize. Doesn’t anyone know how to look up facts anymore? Isn’t that what the internet is for? Instead of spending your time spreading uneducated bullshit, maybe you should go research your words and get it right before you make yourself look like a MORON!!! You don’t have to be athiest to not believe in your cosmic zombie. I’m agnostic and I believe that jesus is nothing more than a fairytale because they can’t get a SINGLE fact about his “existance” right.

    3. Do you REALLY believe that we are all INBRED???? If so, then where are all of our facial and developmental deformities that you DO GET from imbreeding? You SERIOUSLY BELIEVE that a BOOK admittedly written BY MEN, NOT GOD, is and HAS TO BE 100% fact and absolutely NO conjecture was used? You aren’t smart enough to look at things OBJECTIVELY and see the HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS of flaws in thier theories when stacked up against DOCUMENTED PROOF? If the christians were INFALlIBLE WITH EVERYTHING, than why is it that there are documents that are LOCKED AWAY that next to no one is allowed to see? Do you believe that if they were documents that came closer to proving that they were right, that they would be hidden away? COME ON MAN….. GROW A BRAIN AND LEARN TO THINK FOR YOURSELF!!!!

    4. Actually, Easter is NOT about him being HANGED on the cross (he was not hung). Easter is about his resurrection. Also, he was nailed to the cross, not hanged on the cross.

    5. sweetK. Jesus is real, and tell me, why do most evolutionists refuse to debate creationists? Evolutionists are wrong. Evolution is a fairy tale.

    6. I agree with SweetK and btw tom there are only 3 holidays that are associated with the Christian Jesus those include Christmas, Easter, and Good Friday(if you consider it a national holiday).

    7. I believe that Halloween is about dressing up like demons and witches and such on that night so that the Evil Spirits wont take your soul, but i could be wrong.

  5. A sign that the education system is failing…the concept is that you research before asking a question publicly that might make ya’ look like an idiot. I’m a fish…I know.

    1. WHY?? Because this is a subject that is taught in high school!!! If you can’t remember your obviously most recent education, then there is a REALLY big problem…. That’s why.

  6. How the fuck do all of you have access to a computer and can tweet 140 characters a minute, yet are too fucking lazy to google? (not even open an encyclopedia – although I’m sure NONE of you have seen one) With all these tools at hand this level ignorance should not be tolerated. Get off fucking FB, get off fucking twitter and go step up your second grade (at best) reading level, you entitled, spoiled little bastards!

    1. I’m 19 and through out school the encyclopedia helped me out a lot, it was one of my most useful resources. I plan to buy a set when/if i have kids.

  7. Seriously…there are not so many jews in the world that everyone should know about all their holydays.

    Thinking that everybody SHOULD know this is the real Cultural Unawareness.
    Just because you are living in a community with a lot of jews/or are a jew does not mean the whole world it turning around your holyday. ^^

    Never heard of it.
    Neither the ppl i asked in my office. ^^
    Greets from Europe 😉

    1. I shouldn’t be surprised. You can’t even spell HOLIDAY right. Kill yourself. Greetings from go fuck yourself 😉

    2. So ignorance is okay as long as it has nothing to do with you? What a selfish bastard…. Oh yeah, that’s right…. You’re English. That’s all they know how to be.

    1. I don’t know what this has to do with Hanukkah but no you are not weird. You are being you and thats how you should be, fuck what other people think, live your life the way you want to live it.

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