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    1. I was hoping she would fall out of her chair. What was that thing? I’m guessing the elve’s at Santa’s workshop having been breeding with their siblings!!

    2. I was excited too thinking she was going to fall or something then the music started and I died laughing lol… her face was priceless when she realised it was the wrong song HAAAAAAA!

    3. username Ian, ur an insensitive jackass, and an ignorant one as well if ur ever in las vegas look me up so i can kick ur butt

    4. i feel bad that she has disabilities but when the music came on im like wtf i thought she was like gonna fall of her chair or something

    1. Ah, these short people are all tricksters. Haven’t you seen Gremlins, Chucky, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. The proof goes on and on.

    2. I’m three feet tall and because of that you want to punch me in the face? I don’t understand your definition of “mean”.


    1. google “jingle bells cock”, Mr. intellectually challenged.

      It’s kind of sad that people still don’t understand how to think for themselves and know how to use google. Idiots should be exterminated.

  2. I thought it was going to be a cruel slam on a disabled woman until it turned a 180…The instant the first line played,she had a “Aww poopie!” moment…

  3. hey I know that chick, well sort of. shes from san antonio texas. ive seen her on a dating website. shes older. late 20’s I think

    1. On reading your disjointed sentence, I thought the screen was a distorted and screwed up… then I realised you’re just a judgemental moron laughing at disabled people LMFAO!!!

  4. Your mother, I know her cos she is my ex and last I knew lived near Frisco. Shes in her mid 30s.

    Jojo, Someone else put this up there. She would NEVER create and post something like this.

  5. wow you guys are so fucking disrespectful. making funn of someone with a disability. wait til yur fcking child comes out with a worse one. you all are going to hell. and ima sit here and fucking laugh MY BALLS off!!

  6. I know her. she is a zumba intructor. She was putting up a video for jingle bell rock and didn’t relieze it was the wrong song till that. She kept it up because she is able to laugh at herself and thought it was funny that she had a totally inappropriate song.She is a very strong, spirtitual person.

  7. Sarah, how can she be a Zumba instructor since she’s in a wheelchair? Years ago, she could barely walk let alone dance.

    If she’s that “strong”, she’s made a 180 (in a good way) since she emotionally lived in a cave when we met. At least then, the last thing she’d do is put up a vid like this.

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