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    1. Why Fred, that hurt my feelings. If I was to do you I’d buy you dinner first.
      So how are things with Kelly? 🙂

    2. Buy me dinner and then shove me down a flight of stairs. You must be an Uhmerican, then. Do something nice for somebody, so that you can, then, rationalize that it’s ok to do something bad. Yeah, I see how you are now. Uh huh.
      Kelly’s been out for quite awhile and has recently popped back up. I don’t know. We used to argue a bit back and forth. Just joke a bit.

    3. Well you had me for a minute there. And consider all cockblocking officially over! Unless you’re into that.

    4. No, Lymbe. As far as I’m concerned all of this is just for fun. I’m just not too good with the smiley faces :). Merry Christmas.

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