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    1. Fuck your mother, i hope she get avian lyme disease bitch. I see other races doing the same stupid shit. You are an idiot sir. Good day.

  1. LOL…idiots make the job so much easier. All Up…I know its tough to see stupidity in your “bunch”. Avian Lyme Disease??? WTF Lyme disease comes from ticks, and that ladies and gentlemen is the result of good inbreeding.

  2. IInn west Philadelphia born and raise on my facebook is the cops caught my face. Chillin all maxin and flossin $8000 for all the world to see… i cant finish this, fail too strong in that post

  3. LOL 4 guys $2000 a piece. Holding it up like it’s some kind of big score. That’s a couple of weeks pay. You’re going to need to do like 20 robberies a year just to make the rent and buy groceries.

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