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  1. This is photoshopped as you can see the stack of money was placed over the sink and not next to it or inside the sink. You all are way too gullible

    1. nice fail on your part… you essentially typed prick one time. As you need to learn the difference between commas and periods/decimal.

  2. He,ll spend the rest of his life buying drugs with that money and selling it on to other’s wat they do..their scum

    1. Their scum does what?
      Or do you mean “they are scum”, in which case the contraction is “they’re”?

  3. Too bad this jungle bunny couldn’t use those shitty photoshop skills and apply them towards getting a job ! Lmao ….. Broke ass bigger !

    1. “Broke ass bigger”!? You typed this on a iPhone didn’t you haha Now go kill yourself… everyone else is trying to move forward in life not backward.

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