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  1. What a moron! Why do people mix Harry Potter with Twilight?

    Harry Potter is about Bravery and Strength.
    Twilight is about Weakness and attention-whoring.

    1. I thought Harry Potter was about keeping children in cupboards under the stairs and how, though they may be repulsive, it’s ok to love gingers… guess it’s open to interpretation. Pretty sure Twilight is about a bunch of gay vampires, an average looking girl and a werewolf addicted to steroids.

    2. I have higher moral standards than to watch any of that type of trash. I prefer porn videos mixed with shocking, sick humor.

    1. I believe that’s a marker line drawn to determine a vertical and horizontal for the new tattoo – to avoid an odd slant.

  2. Not a fan of permanent marks based on trendy books, but the tattoos themselves are very nicely done and placed in a spot that’s easily concealed and, as a bonus, rarely need be seen oneself after the shame sets in.

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