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    1. Nycky No Name
      You are a fuckying stupid american Gringo you no have value as a human, you don’t education and you are the leftover of the society fuck off!!!!!!!

    2. Well, I imagine it would work for margaritas as well. When are you borrowing Nicky’s midgets so I don’t have the days mixed up for when I borrow them.

    3. ?*
      Had to make sure to place that question mark in there before the Nazi grammar police step in…although I imagine that they will get me on something anyways 😛

    4. You missed out a comma and a full-stop (period) omgitsme… will let you off with a warning though. And Fred, you can borrow the midgets any time except Weekends/ holidays. Bring them back in one piece though and please, no molesting this time.

    1. Malditos XENOFÓBICOS de mierda, por eso hay tanta violencia y odio en el mundo, por hijos de puta como ustedes, sea cual sea nuestra procedencia o cultura no nos hace menos personas que ustedes ni que nadie. Aquí en méxico también hay gringos y no sirven para nada, se la pasan bebiendo cerveza y durmiendo todo el día como unos parásitos, no creo que todos sean así. Hay gente que se va en busca de un empleo y una vida mejor para sus hijos. Perros hipócritas ofendiendo a los Méxicnos y sirviéndose de ellos. Hijos de perra.

    2. Well said Elisabeth. Shawn you are a troll that more than likely used a translation website to even be able to respond!

      Bien dicha Elisabeth. Shawn eres un troll que utiliza más que probable que un sitio Web de traducción para incluso poder responder!Eres un pendejo!

  1. actually i think this photo is from a target in fact i think its even in new jersey not sure. this is a win. and nickys sex life is a fail

  2. this is for the racists fucks in here “nicky” and “keith”.

    who does a white woman go to when she´s having marital problems?

    – a mexican or a black guy

    why are white people called chackers? because they CRACK by age 20.

    fucking racist fucks, you are thereason why people from other countries hate you. You no culture, educated, crack-headed, whitetrash fucks…

  3. I’d think these kids were taught how to problem solve if there wasn’t a shopping cart to the left of them that makes me think Mom was too lazy to help her daughter get a drink and prompted the older daughter to help her sister out….am i being cynical or realisitic? this is America after all, this is the home of the lazy, land of selfish luxuriating ingrates! oh and yep…born and raised here bitches!

    1. lol A-Mac, parenting fail, brown trash parents too lazy to help their children. No Im not racist, just wanted to say this since soo much ‘white trash’ comments pointed toward the other commenters. If ya’ll think every person from usa is poor white lazy trash, then why are there soo many people from almost every country trying to get into the poor trasy usa, ether legally or illegally? I saw this and first thought, how cute, sisters helping each other out as their parents are in the restroom (since drinking fountains are beside the restroom and it is prohibited to take the shopping cart into said restroom).

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