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    1. You can clearly see that it’s a girlfriend win/truth fail. The way two are talking you can clearly see that a chick is asking where her boyfriend is. The way he responded you can tell it’s a guy (Dogsta) Either this is fake or the guy is trying to pretend that he caught her. How many men you know ask ” Hi BABE, what are you doing?” (clearly a chick talking). I would say this a title fail.

    2. Actually, Fallen. There are plenty of guys who call their girlfriends “babe” and vice versa. That’s a pretty generic term of endearment. In fact, my brother and sister-in-law call each other “babe.”

    3. yeah fallen angel. maybe you have a guilty conscience cause literally every guy i know calls his gf babe. lmao

    4. yeah but, what girl do u know would catch their boyfriend and calmly say, “i’m right behind you”. NO they’d flip out and be all dramatic, definitely a guy catching his chick…

    5. well u can be calm but at the same time if hes at a club would you want to flip plus ill just leave bc there would be a lot of people there plus a girl who will say ill go to bed im tired ill buy that but em im really tired?

  1. Stuff like this is what makes normal people paranoid. We don’t know the whole story. There could have been mitigating circumstances and evidence including a history or pattern of behavior/lies revealed that would lead to a situation like this. Plus, I hate to say it, but sites like and, etc. are so popular now that maybe people sit around thinking of convos and scenarios they know would be popular on such sites and then simulate them just to get them selected.

    1. Haaa lolchick. It amazes me though that this person used all these sophisticated words to make them seem smart, and then abbreviates conversations. Wow.

    2. Using “sophisticated” words to “try” to seem smart wasn’t what I was trying to do. See, I wanted to say “wasn’t my intent” but then I figured you’d rag on me for using the word “intent” so I’ll dumb it down for you. Anyways (not proper grammar) I’m just saying that people are probably faking this shit to get on dumbass sites like epicfail. Yadidadig?

      Yeah…eat a dick.

    3. She could have been in bed and psychically teleported her image into the bar and he was a psychic stalker that teleported himself behind her in the bar. We don’t know the whole story. That shit keeps me paranoid, constantly. πŸ™

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