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  1. Why can’t girls just use the eye brows they have. I am all for plucking/waxing/nairing to shape them or fix a unibrow, but to shave them off and redraw them. It just looks stupid. My cousin does the same thing. Maybe I should upload her on here.

  2. The make her look worried, her mouth is smiling and says “I’m happy” but her eyebrows say “good lord what have I done now?”

  3. Why do women draw there eyebrows on? Dont they know people KNOW its fake, do these women really think this looks good…I just dont understand, if i had no eyebrows id hide in my house untill they grew out b4 u stepped out the house with fake ones drawn on

  4. Ridiculous! Why in the hell would someone shave off there eyebrows and draw on a new pair?!? Always thought this was just dumb! I wonder if that is done freehand or with a stencil haha.

  5. seriously, you have the silliest excuse ever made “this is a silly picture?” i see your ugly fucking eyebrows everyday, and ive been stalking you picture, they are lik this all the time, girl you need to learn a leeson, ever heard of “Less is more?” dont think so

  6. Hey guys, stop hating, she looks very good, but not in this picture, im sure all of you have some bad pictures of yourself, so insted of saying hurtful stuff on the internet, do something useful, retards.

  7. hahhahahahahahahhaha i know this girl, i hate her fucking eyebrows. girls who draw their eyebrows like that should just stay at home.

  8. Stop being such assholes! She is a beautiful girl with a great personality. You guys are so mean by saying all this nasty stuff . Think about how you would feel if a picture of you was posted on epicfail or in general on the internet and you got these mean comments. She does not deserve this, so please act like adults. This should be reviewed!

  9. Omg. Making fun of her is the reason it’s on epic fail. But I’m pretty sure these eyebrows have to be a joke.

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