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    1. It go and form a bigger puddle, haha. Wait for the yellow color rain drop…..hahaha. PS: water, when frozen, is no longer water, until unfrozen.

    2. OMG oO are you kidding? Frozen water is still water!! Only the state of the matter has changed. The chemical composition remains the same. What do they teach in school these days??? Facebook Science?

    3. Matter Balance? i will just, lay this for the combustion of methane….
      CH4 + (O2)2 = CO2 + (H2O)2

    4. WOW this is absolutely the most retarded thing i have read in a while. This must be some sort of atheist plot to make the religious look stupid.

  1. are you serious? There werenot so much people in Earth all the time and: Part of the water we use returns to the oceans. Uneducated…

  2. Really? The water cycle doesn’t exist in this thrown-together-in-5-minutes “proof”? If anything, this whole thing sounds like it was written by an idiot the minute they implied they believe the earth has only existed for 6000 years.

  3. This is so naive and incorrect a calculation on so many fronts that it hurts my head. The simple refutation of this pseudo-science-math drivel is that the earth’s water is constantly recycled — it’s not used up. In 3 billion years, it is entirely possible — indeed probable — that a molecule of water in your body now was once at the bottom of the first ocean, once inside a dinosaur, and once part of a booger in your little sister.

    Don’t fall for fake science bullshit… always check the math and the reasoning. 😉

    1. clearly they were doing it wrong. again: thank god im an Atheist (its a joke if you dont get it, think about it)

    1. the earth exsisted before LIFE was ever on it, theres was suposedly a radioactive/volcanic Earth. what happens after that you can google it.

  4. Evaporation dickhead, at least i am a well educated Atheist.

    I swear, some bible bashers will try and make up any shit to make them sound ”smart”

    1. Never more but can be less. Those space monkeys take water out of the plants atmosphere when they go in to space!

  5. some terms in Bible can’t be treated so easy. Sometimes “a day” means lots of years. Nevertheless, blind faith spoils brain

  6. Here’s the science to back it up. Matter can not be destroyed. Just because someone drinks a glass of water it does not mean that that water ceases to exist. Piss much?

  7. We are drinking the urine of people who lived thousands of years ago….this is the dumbest argumentEVER and Im a Christian!

    1. We drink the water -> Piss the water(and dirty stuff) as urine -> it is going to the ground, the dirty stuff is harder and bigger(molekules) than H20 and can’t go in the ground as easy -> The water is clean – > is going to the underground and ther we pump it up to drink again
      Energy(too matter) is konstant in a closed inviorment!
      Sorry, my bad english… Danish Atheists…

  8. All water is recycled. All of it. Yes we have drunk urine somewhere down the line in. But it isnt even urine anymore at the point it reaches our taps so it doesnt matter.

  9. well humans did not exist till much later plus the earth was a mother fucking oven all those years ago plus we have the rains epic fail to christians. Win for the atheist

  10. please remember that if you intake water, you output water… That water is then filtered by the ground and rejoins the groundwater again… Yes it was pee as it left you but advanced biological mechanism break down the urine back into… You guessed it WATER!!! Just because water has been drank doesnt mean its gone forever…dumbass…

  11. This has got to be too dumb to be real, no? Even people who believe in god cannot be this stupid. For all the rest of you dumbasses out there: every molecule that is currently here that goes to make up your dumb ass as well as your iphone, dildoes, tampons and eyeliner has always been here, always. Unless meteors or comets hit the Earth nothing can be made from something that doesn’t already exist, only it’s form changes. Your dumb ass has always been here. Dumbass.

  12. What a complete retard… Population has spiked incredibly the last 50 years.. It’s amazing ppl are so confident with there absolute retarded theories that make no sense and to call out other ppl n call them stupid…. Unbelievable!!

  13. If you were to read the bible, a day to God can be 1000 years to us. Thinking of time in that regards, during the time of Creation, and before the creation of Adam, there was plenty of time for dinosaurs to roam the earth. Water recycles, we drink it, we sweat it out, cry it out and excrete it from our bodies, it then evaporates (as pure water, without the minerals… which turn to solid and to dust) and goes into the air… eventually forming rainclouds, where it comes back down to the earth as water. I hope this helps!

  14. okay so lets all think a little , these calculations include the water cycle . it also is only talking about 2 liters of water used by 6 billion ppl a day, this is alot less than what an average person does use a day , therefore it would be entirely impossible for thereto still be water because it would all be used up . yes i know the water cycle , and yes i know there are fossils but ifyou have read the bible it says that god will give you false signs . that way you have free will . a choice to believe what you want . and for you all that think dinos used less water than humans , are incredible clueless , they were sooo much bigger than us thereforrequiren much more water to survive . lets all check the facts again okay ? thanks

  15. 1. 7 billion people on Earth TODAY!3 billion years ago not only were there only was there only a fraction of that number of people alive, those people lived off the basest of water consumption, having no technology or electronics that could ‘use’ water. So two litres a day would be they only water consumption they would have needed, and that used to drink.
    2. Have you heard of the term WATER CYCLE? How would water escape the atmosphere? So using that logic, water would still have to be on earth or in the surrounding atmosphere. When we drink water, we later excrete it. Exxvaporation occurs at some point which takes all of the H2O out of any exxcretion leaving behind the waste and making the H2O healthy to consume once again. Alternatively, Our waste is flushed down the toilet, where it goes through numerous filter systems and is then consumable once again. When water goes through our washing machines the same cycle is used, its filtered and becomes resuable. The amount of water on earth will never change! Okie dokie?

    1. Quote: ”
      1. 7 billion people on Earth TODAY!3 billion years ago not only were there only was there only a fraction of that number of people alive, …”

      That’s an enormous pile of bullshit.

      The number of human beings 3 billion years ago was 0.
      Humans as a species (Homo Sapiens) is less than 1,000,000 years old.

      The rest of your post is fairly accurate.

  16. Too much time spent on religous education at schools.
    Switch this time to science and elementary logic.

  17. yeah besides we all know that aliens are the origin of all religion because primitive people thought they were gods. So if you want to worship some ancient alien fuck who probably took one of your ancestors and raped them on their spaceship, then go ahead.

  18. don’t argue with retards, ’cause they’ll drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. Some smart ass said it but I forgot his name

  19. This is some food for thought for all u GOD believers…. do u think incest is morally wrong? Well if u believe that GOD created the universe and everything in it then u should answer no. If u answered yes than u don’t even know ur own faith. God created Adam n Eve right? So how did we go from earth population of 2, to earth population of billions? N if Adam n Eve were white how did we get black people in the world? In order for the GOD theory to be correct than incest is the only logical explanation for the worlds population today.

  20. Really? People only use water to make blood. Then you sweat it off, piss it off, ect. You don’t drink it and it disapears.

    That bit of water you had? Could just as easily of been dinosaur piss at one time in pre-history. When things die, the water in them evaporates. they turn to dust. I’m not atheist.. But this is retarded. Try and science at me..

  21. The fossils were put there when the great flood of the bible, there was no “big bang” that killed them. when the great flood hit it killed off EVERYTHING that lived on the earth at that time, humans, mammals, and even birds ( where can birds land if they had no land to perch on)

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