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    1. Epic Fail Title Fail. It’s Slight Of Hand not Sleight of Hand? …morons. Anyways…
      The Moral of the story here is don’t trust indian people. They may appear to be nice, but they’ll rob you blind. 😉

    2. Fail on calling a fail. It is indeed sleight you idiot, learn the difference between slight and sleight.

    3. I am Romanian…”Sexur”, please make the difference between Romanian and a Romanian gypsy, it’s completely different. They are Indian in origin, but they were considered to be the “bad seed” of their culture, as they continue to be the bad seed of every country they ended up in. There were numerous efforts to “integrate” them into our society, but they are a resilient bunch, who’d rather make a living with as little effort as possible. I’m really sick of being identified with them just because I was born in a country so disorganized that let these people fall through the cracks and invade Europe, taking down our name.

  1. That thieving A-rab (yes, I know, she’s probably Indian or something but it’s all the same to me) must have great thighs or an elastic vag. Bet her husband made her do it… then beat her for getting caught on camera.

    1. Nicky is just pissed coz she has to remove the swastika-shaped vibrator assembly from her ass and vag before she could pull a stunt like this. Or nicky could be a male transvestite. wouldn’t make her any less of a racist bastard child of a poop demon from the bowels of hell.

    2. I’d like to see her in a Thailand stip show and shoot that those cans across the room instead of ping pong balls.

    3. Actually, there’s ample room in my vag/ ass for several crates and a swastika vibrator… I can even open a tin of dog food with a mere clench of my buttocks. Years of training paying off.

    4. This gal seems to be working on tossing gallon paint buckets across the bar room. The envy of many Thai hookers.

  2. What!! I am a chick and I don’t even get this. She licked her hand first to wet her p*ssy? And then stuck this box of water….where? There is no fckn way. :/

    1. You obviously haven’t been practiing enough. Keep stretching that vag and you’ll get there. If I may suggest double stuffing it?

    2. Here’s how to do Kegel exercises:
      * When you’re peeing, clench (without your hands) your muscles to stop the flow of urine for about four seconds. Then release those same muscles to let the urine flow again. These are your pelvic floor muscles; these are the muscles you’ll be exercising when you do Kegels.
      * If you want to check and make sure that you’re using the right muscles, put a finger or two into your vagina. Tighten the muscles. If you can feel your fingers being squeezed (even just a little), then you’ve located the right muscles.
      * About five to ten times a day, repeat the Kegels ten times per session.
      * It can take up to 8 – 10 weeks to notice improvement, and there will most certainly be improvement. Like any kind of weight lifting or muscle building exercises, Kegels take time to make a difference! (Adding a vaginal barbell to your regular Kegel exercise routine can help. They are available at specialty stores that carry sex toys or sexual enhancement items.)

    3. I thought it was a suction cup effect….but using her vagina instead. I guess her daughter is the main char. in the upcoming sequel.

      Here are some solution. 1) install 3.5 feet high Metal detector 2) new policy at the checkout…place each foot on a foot print (picture are 2 feet apart) 3) bar-code scanner on the floor at the checkout aisle.

  3. People invent so many good things for us… and you… owner of the… you call this a win?! You think stealing is a good thing?! I am very, very… unproud of you…

  4. Its not humanly possible for her to shove that box of water in her vagina…I think shes holding it between her legs and walking very careful

    1. She has a sling of some sort hanging down there for her to just prop shit like that up on it.
      This is not a win. She was caught on camera, so it is a fail.

  5. She does some sort of fiddling/releasing movement before the main vanishing act, so she probably releases a little hook from a belt or something like that, to hang the box on.
    Or she has the thighs of a soviet weightlifter.
    Or both.

  6. She applies saliva to inside of her thighs, in a very well practiced motion, right leg from the knee and up then left leg from the groin and downwards to the knee. What ever she is stealing must have a finish that would “stick” to a wet skin. After she must exert pressure with her thighs to hold the cargo, if you see her steps afterwards she moves like a penguin. Gipsies, no doubt.

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