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    1. I have at least 4 or 5 stalker trolls (I like to think of them as fans) on this site… never been so popular! Have to say though, this particular comment is just confusing… you’re supposed to make a poor attempt at insulting me.

  1. The proprietor is telling him to “get a job”??? Fine, where are they hiring?? Will he give him a job? What are the odds?

  2. LOL, this guy is a moron, he risked his life punching some dude over a job that thinks of him as a number. He prolly makes like $9.80 an hour, and thinks his job actually cares about him.

    1. Yeah. His boss gave him a pat on his back and said “get back to work.” with a disgusting smile. He clearly gave a shit.

  3. What a dumbass… trying to rob the place with no weapon in hand at all. Thats just begging to get knocked the hell out.

  4. Im surprised the government didnt make this into a false flag terrorist attack to further strip away any rights they gave us.

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