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  1. Hey Eyebrow Girl, was feelin sorry bout the comments made, and most of em arn’t bout u!!! Poor LIZ…(whore) roflmao (rolling on the floor laughing my ass off )… Eyebrow Girl, YOU ARE A CUTIE ! Keep up the great work and be good to yourself, stuff everyone else…P.S I can do the same with my nostrils…

  2. Looks faked. Who ever did the motion match did a great job…but still not perfect enough to fool anyone. However…the girl did a great job and is very cute. Overall, this video was fun to watch.

  3. its funny how y’all keep saying this is fake, you guys are a bunch of idiotic retards. its obviously not fake, ur just saying it to piss of liz, and its working..but come on now, at least use the little bit of smarts you actually have…just because you’ve never seen people doing this before, it doesnt mean that when someone actually does it , its fake. why would it be this short if its fake anyways???? crack babies all around the world, i swear!!!!

  4. ok…I think this is too funny and have to share….lastnight my husband “deadlyfoez” told me how he backed me up on epic fail over a comment I made and that there were a ton of ppl calling me a whore. I was scratching my head trying to recall it. I went and checked it out today and died laughing cuz the “Liz” that made the comment was not me and found it even more funny that my hubby thought he was doing the right thing….guess Im gonna have to change my name to something else….toooo funny!

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