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    1. You lost me somewhere at that beginning of that “sentence”. All I read was rubber vagina and something about fucking sad men.

    1. He’s the smart one, at least the pole wont get tired of him, take all his worldy possesions and shack up with his best friend!!

    1. Thats Likely but I Doubt If She Took The Pic He Wouldnt Be Hugging A almppost Maybe He Would Get Out The Pic And Then After They Took That Pic Him And His Girl Would Take A Seperate Pic !!!

  1. Love-struck, fallen for a lamp post. Giving it his utmost. Madness must have based that song on this poor shitfaced bugger!

  2. dont want to be a kill-joy but hes not hugging a lamppost there
    else explain me why u cant see the lamppost next to his left leg?
    hes scrolling up some placards or whatever…

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