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    1. at least we all know you spent more time trying to be first then spending some time on your fuckin english

  1. If THAT is how he reacts when he is happy – I don’t wanna see him angry! Better hide the knives, and don’t close your eyes at night O_O

  2. I think it’s some kind of shaven monkey-demon, wearing people clothes. Should definitely be caged. Possibly exorcised also.

    1. Yeah, I assume Mr LOLO is about this age… but I’m fairly certain it is in fact some kind of evil chimp-child. Never thought I’d recommend letting a priest spend time with a little boy but in this case, I really see no other option.

  3. execute this little bastard. in the future he will become a crazy pevert serial killer. it’s better now to destroy the demon than later.

    1. lol, I have to imagine that only us fucked up people watch the First 48…maybe I can be wrong in this instance?

    2. That maybe true, but that program is so predictable. A drug addict or drug dealer usually is the “victim” in every episode.

    3. lol, you do have a point there Chanel. Haven’t seen an episode of The First 48 yet that had some “normal” person being murdered.

    4. What about the episode of the teenage kid with no dealings with gangs or anything that was manning his families taco stand that was gunned down for the little bit of cash in the cash box that he willingly gave to his killers?

  4. Being excited is no excuse for being obnoxious. All the adults just reacted like it was normal. I’d have trotted his happy little self right into a different room until he could behave like something other than a howler monkey.

  5. There is no fucking way I would get my kids Ipods, not till they are in their teens. Kids are just way too violent for the ipod. My 7 year old son wants an Ipod and I laughed and reminded him that ear phones have a life span of about 3 hours with him before they are completely destroyed. Kids destroy every fucking thing they git their dirty, grubby hands on and it’s usually my stuff they destroy or its something I bought for them.

    1. It sounds like you were made for parenting (sarcasm). You would be well reminded that you, once, were also a child (truth).

  6. Just a product of attention whore parents who think that this is acceptable behavior. Or they are afraid of the shaven monkey…..very afraid…

    1. And my son has had an iPhone 3G since right before he was two and the only issue was getting him to fully charge it before going back to talking Tom or angry birds. Ps. I upgraded and the 8 gig 3G is only worth being relegated to a pos ipOd anywho but I think my child is slightly more composed than this neo Maxie zoom dweebie

  7. I’d fucking throw that kid through a wall. That would piss me off so much. Seriously, I’d strangle the little fucking shit head.

  8. Personally I think that they’re both too young to be receiving such gifts…especially the youngest on the left who barely knew that he was even opening an iTouch. I give both thoses devices a combined life span of about a month

  9. Ok there’s “getting excited” and then there’s “you better calm your ass down before that gets taken back to santa!” Guess which one this kid falls under…

  10. 00:52 – 00:56 you can see this kid suffers from hospitalism. No wonder he totally freaks out at Christmas. Finally his mother crawls out of bed before 1 pm…

  11. does that kid have amnesia cause it seems like he forgets what he was screaming about and stops then looks at his presents and then starts screaming again XD soo funny !!!

  12. I was so busy staring at the filthy rug and the boys having to sit on it. YUCK! You better remind your wife…..she obviously needs to be reminded again. Closed back hand this time.

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