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    1. I am so excited you’re doing this! I tried Project 365 back in 2010 but I lkeacd and continue to lack serious camera skills pu-leeease put on a 2012 workshop. Looking forward to your daily posts. xo

    1. How in the hell do you see that? The black guys are on top of each other, and the white guy is behind. If anything, it looks more like the cream shot out of an oreo

  1. Is this some new gay sex scene? Looks scary. I thiNk I’ll stay hetero I might hurt something if I became gay and tried that one

  2. and this is sports they all have gay contact shit like this almost u got hockey where the player runs another player from behind into fiberglass u got football where players may have some of the most gayest tackles every u got baseball where everyone is patting each other on the ass and u got soccer the worldest gayest but slowest game in the world right next 2 golf but in soccer u got everyone running into each other landing on each other and always some how end up in the most oddest positions every this is sports its called contact it may be extremely gay but it counts in sports not like going 2 your prom with ur date and all the teachers make u stay like 2 feet from ur date and not even touch them imagine if sports was like that

  3. Magic Johnson was originally cast for the spokesperson for astroglide and then… #23 proved he was the king of double anal penetration.

  4. OK lets pause for a moment and ask ourselves “How does this happen and how does someone capture this moment perfectly?”

  5. The dude on the bottom is having a hell of a time with two cocks in his ass, good thing one of them is white or it would have meant certain death for his ability to ever hold his shit in again.

    1. the dude on the bottom? are that fucking white and retarted to not realize thats michael fuckin jordan?

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