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    1. lol, that’s the first thing i thought of too, why not photoshop the herpes off her mouth while she’s at it.

    1. Who, the fuck, even noticed the distortion in the first place. My vision gets distorted looking at asses like that, anyway.

    1. Because it makes for a better filled out image from behind, nothing worse than seeing a gorgeous chick in the front with an ass that looks like crumpled up paper in the back. Plus wat man isnt instantly hypnotized by a woman’s bouncing swaying round bum?

  1. I miss the days when girls tried to stay fit. Now they seem to be obsessed with getting cottage cheese thighs before they finish high school.

    1. didn’t expect this I’m from edbiunrgh you should come back and photograph BELTANE which happens right here on the eve of every summer when the green man is reborn.

  2. Trying to hide the itty bitty booty that mother nature gave her for her birthday. Make it a reality for a low price of $5000 per cheek.

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