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    1. The tattooist only puts on what you say to put on (a respectable one anyway). Not to mention the guy had to approve the stencil before proceeding with the tattoo…so it’s HIS dumb ass that is responsible for the EPIC FAIL that is his tattoo.

    1. I see “stringe” in there. Only the stringe servive? Was he attempting to talk about tampon strings? I am really so lost atm.

    1. obviously you and this guy went to the same spelling/English class since you can’t type (and I’m guessing SPEAK) real English. ifail = English FAIL

    1. Well, he made two mistakes anyway.
      Be it “stronge” as in “strong”, or be it “stronge” as in “strange” πŸ˜€
      (look at the capital “O” in the word Only, the letter in “stronge” is definitely “o”, not “a”).
      The second mistake is the “servive” thingy.

  1. Yeah, honestly I’m not sure what’s worse – the horrible spelling on blank puzzle pieces that have nothing to do with anything or the leprechaun. My gut says the leprechaun, but that could be because he is starring into my soul with his giant wrinkly eyes..

    1. Oh, and I’m just now noticing the star tattoo. That is fail #3. I love astrology and all, but a tattoo of a star is almost as generic as a butterfly tattoo… at least his wording on the puzzle is 100% original, HA! Something tells me that this man will be single forever.

    2. “not sure what’s worse – the horrible spelling on blank puzzle pieces that have nothing to do with anything or the leprechaun.”
      ^^ This is exactly what I said to myself when I saw this photo πŸ˜€

  2. The real question is: was this a tattoo “artist” failure, or did the recipient go into the tattoo shop with his own design and say “do this… right here”?

    1. Even if the dude came in and said “I want this”, it is still the tattooist’s FAIL. Any self respecting tattoo artist would never do a tattoo that looks like this. Even if it’s what the person wants.

    1. Thanx for saying it, I was looking at both and trying to decide which was the bigger fail on this guy’s scrawny chest. He looks like he doesn’t have much room left for mistakes so he’d better e careful n his next choices.

  3. People: make sure you know exactly what is being ridiculed before you attempt to partake. This whole site is turning into one epic fail due to the startling stupidity displayed in these comments. Come on, man.

  4. It says “Only the Stronge Servive” lol… it is an “O” to people who are schooled in long form writing (obviously very few of you) To transfer the pen from and “O” to the next letter, the little “pig swirl” at the top is how it’s done. It’s very obvious in the first word ‘Only’. Duh… tsk tsk on today’s generations of Neanderthals.

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