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  1. It never ceases to amuse/ amaze me, the lengths to which untalented people will go to, to make a semi-popular video online. Next time put razor blades on the fan- I guarantee you’ll get more views.

    1. nicky no name,its about time you submitted a video of your win/fail so we can all see the person behind the well known name

    2. jewdog… Well, I actually make music and post it online (hundreds of thousands of hits in fact), where it is sometimes praised and sometimes derided… I’m my own biggest critic and so far from perfect, but such is human nature. Sometimes I win, sometimes I fail. However, I’m well within my rights to criticise stupidity when I see it… and I see it everywhere. Just because I mock others on a site that is all about people failing, it doesn’t mean that I believe myself to be better than those that I am mocking. Although I am. Obviously.

    3. 2lolo… Happy new year to you too! Will you be stalking me this year or is it someone else’s turn?

    4. I don’t know what ‘Schoolgirl Bitch’ is, so I googled it… been wanking for hours! Thanks Fred…

  2. nicky no name, its about time you submitted a video of your win/fail so we can all see the person behind the well known name

    1. Oh, and to suggest that my name is well known is as flattering as it is untrue. Thanks for the compliment though!

  3. What the heck was he trying to do? Stick his head between the fan “blades”?

    Oh, does it hurt? What a surprise… 😀 😀

    1. Its like a kid touching a stove… it has to happen a few more times before he starts to catch on.

    1. How do you know he aint from somewhere like Canada or Austrailia you dumbass? Can’t even spell just or idiodic… 2 of the easiest words to spell. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was you in that video.

  4. Goes to show that even your second thought isn’t always your best one. What was he thinking? Just for a laugh? I didn’t laugh..

  5. People who talk so fucking particular as you do Nicky No Brain,irritate the fuck out of me.And I’m a pretty easy going laid back gal.Kindly Fuck off?

    1. Kelly? Just lay on back and relax, you little “laid back gal”. I’ll be nice. You want on top? Or bottom? Up to you, Sweetie.

    2. Naturally KellyD, you’re a female and your feminine senses can detect that NickyNoName is a cellar dwelling middle aged comic book reaading obese creep with a lame dorky sense of humor.

    1. How do you know he’s an American? Not like your country doesn’t have a lot of dumbasses in it… you apparently being one of them…

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