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    1. i love this song but..i have to say epic fail…granny want dncing way better but he i skinda cute

  1. Though granny was funny, I simply cannot condone the little white kid lip syncing the word nigga at all…….c’mon man.

    1. wow get over it its not that serious black people need to wake up and put their feet on the ground

  2. With the meds that granny’s on shes probably more fucked up then he’ll ever get. You wanna talk about rolling hard.

  3. This kid is from the bay area, isn’t he? ugh, this sounds like post-hyphy bullshit and he looks exactly like the fucking wigger fools promulgating the ‘yay’ area.

  4. You dont need to be “hard” to listen to rap, Im the biggest, spoiled suburban brat around and i enjoy listening to rap.

  5. It’s hilariously awesome. SHows how close he is with his family. No need to hate on someone just having fun and being silly. Don’t we have enough hate?

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