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    1. Sitting Down to Pee is Awesome for Men… Why?
      1. Solves the morning pee hard-on problem. (tuck under rim)
      2. No mess if you’re pissing in the dark.
      3. You can read,text or whatever without having to aim.
      4. It’s quiet… if bathroom is in close proximity to bedroom etc.
      5. If ya decide to pinch one off too, you’re ready to go.


    2. 1. Absolutely. The only reason I ever sit down to piss.
      2. If I align my legs with the bowl I can aim just fine.
      3. Just pissing doesn’t take near enough time for all that.
      4. I have never disturbed someone by pissing. In the toilet anyway.
      5. If I have to shit, that takes priority. Therefore I’m not sitting to piss, so this is invalid.

      Responses to your suggestions from a man’s perspective.

    3. how would one tuck their hard-on under the rim? have you ever seen a cock before? maybe you’ve only seen small ones…

  1. Now i work as a supervior for a cleaning company here in nebraska i would lmao to this. But the person who out it up would be fired on the spot.

    1. So I’m guessing this offended you… pissing on purpose outside the pot would highlight that you are the lil dick dude the sign is talking about.

    2. i agree, im nowhere near small but thats vulgar and rude, dont have a public bathroom if u cant putup with retards and kids pissing on the seat and floor

    1. No, I think I’ll continue to piss on my jeans and the floor. Not much for being told what to do… rebel without a penis.

    2. No, I’m an English man but I think half the people who interact with me on here think I’m an American woman… persistent gay comments have confused many. I’m not actually gay though… just gay for play.

    1. This is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve read on the internet all day. Ignorant and just completely random.

      Congratulations. You, sir, are a fucktard.

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