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  1. I believe that creature to be some kind of large, deformed rat. Pretty sure it’s not a dog. And that cat was no pussy.

    1. …Fred wrote. “Nicky will never know that 2lolo and me were actually seperated at birth and after a chance meeting on a necrofiliac forum we recognized each other from the pictures. The webmaster kicked us out claiming that member anonymity was jeopardised and that’s why we have been stalking him ever since.”

    2. Moist thank you 2lolo, moist and fragrant. And yours? Interesting theory there Lymbe but, although dead girls don’t say “no”, they’re really not my thing… I suspect that you, Ian Fred, 2lolo and myself are all the same person, secretly working for EF and trying to generate a greater volume of comments…

    3. @ Lymbe: Bastard looks just like me. We were Siamese, joined at the foreskin. I received the skin and therefore, on cold mornings, have the choice to fold it back and double blanket my nuts. Only real problem I have is that…well…women love to play “Peek-a-boo”.
      As for you Nickster, you’ve fuckin’ blown our cover! 2lolo is supposed to be the personality that rules EF protocol! We’re all Epically Fucked, now! For Fuck’s sake!
      Multi-Personality Fail!

    4. @FRED You didn’t say that last night.. When you was bend over and Nicky was playing PEEK-A-Boo with you…..

    5. I suspect that Kelly D, Tex, Amy Winehouse and MachoMan are the same person too… only about 5 people actually comment on this site. And now all our lives are in danger. I mean both of them. Shit, this is confusing.

  2. This is why Tom get’s fucked up by Spike all the time….will people even get this reference? Ugh Im too old…..

  3. That’s a fucking shame, the dog’s obviously terrified. Not all dogs are aggressive and attack anything that opposes them just like not all men are built for fighting. Fucking sick cunts man.

    1. Are you fucking stupid, the dog started it so its clearly the aggressor, poor little piece of shit has small dog syndrome.

    2. Did you even watch the video? No, not all dogs are aggressive, but THIS one WAS. If he hadn’t been barking incessantly at the cat, he wouldn’t have had his ass handed to him.

    1. Thats not so wierd. first the whale has to eat the pig first. kind of unlikely since the pig can’t swim.

  4. I would of loved to see that cat tear that dog up. I bet as soon as the cat left the dog would start barking again.

  5. actually, on second thought, that sound reminds me of myself…anytime I try sharing my opinions outside of the comfort and safety of anonymity of the interwebs!

  6. At the end the cat hops up onto the couch and licks the dog ever so tenderly……..then doggy bites her fucking head off.

  7. HAHAHA that dog got owned! Trying to be the boss and ended up squealing in fear when the cat decided to show who’s the boss. and the other dog looked at that dog like (what the hell? dog scared of cat? what a hoot!) HAHAHAHA this is hilarious!!!

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