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  1. That had to suck for the scored on goalie. To have the wind screw u over like that sucks. I personally would be laughing my ass off if a gust of wind helped my kick make a goal on the other end.

    1. Let me guess. Soccer is the most popular sport in the whole world. I would say 95% of the world cares. American football (i dont even know why its called football, 99% of the time u play with hands) is only popular in U.S., so 95% of the world does not care about it. Soccer 1 – “Football” 0

  2. Weird Americans that hate football, obvious idiots are obvious. Hows your game called American Football when it’s played by hands…
    Also if you think outside of the box you will know that Football (fine, soccer) is better known over the world.

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