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  1. Why is Charles Manson driving a Camaro full of hookers on the roof? ( check out the very end ) He will never get the smell out off of that poor car!

    1. I don’t know, but that dude looks old enough to be her dad. He must be so proud of his little princess.

    1. I respectfully narrow that down to “stupid rap” and “stupid rappers” = fail. Eminem had some good ones in his day and a few of his new ones are alright.

  2. Come on guys. Wasn’t That bad. I thought it was pretty good. Better than that. “Slutty and I’ll Blow it” one for sure

  3. There’s probably someone out there that got off to this or thought it was good. Katy Perry made it. Lady Gaga made it. Nicki Minaj made it. I rest my case.

    1. Gotta get down on Friday, oh man, that is a great song. Why can’t songs be just as awesome as ‘Friday’? jk. Wally wally wally wally wally wally world…

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