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    1. Well.. doesn’t matter if it’s fake or not you know… a comedy movie is all ake you know, but you will enjoy looking it as well…

    2. I’m tempted to take a screen capture of your joke Fred and submit it to EF as an epic win (by these standards)…

  1. Yeah, gotta say, between the phony iMessages , and all these “wins”… Sites getting sorta played out ??!!

  2. Nicky No Name said it.. it’s getting lame.. Knock Knock….[email protected] off!!

    1. Most are. Like how does the header say mom and you can tell its her phone in the convo but she’s talking to her kid…that’s why I don’t read smartpwned any more. Friggin tweenies w a phone and no real life

  3. the guy who writes these needs to stop using (…) for the burned party’s response. it’s getting a bit too predictable.

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