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    1. You could go for the subtly perverted “want a pearl necklace to match your bracelet?” line. Never fails. To get you slapped.

    2. You know, I tried that one, and it worked, only for her to laugh at me later when I showed her my 1 incher…

    1. Let’s be honest here little man, you wouldn’t and you couldn’t… even if you actually wanted to.

  1. haha ive seen people talking about this on fb, this is actually hilarious everybody were obviously thinking the same about the STATE haha

  2. Get a fuckin grip u guys, I know this girl and she’s obviously a nicer person than you lot can ever dream of being! I don’t know what’s worse what you’re saying or the fact that you waste your lives sat at your computer insulting other people to make your sad pathetic selves feel better, grip… Get one you low life bums!

  3. She’s probably a very nice person, but there is no way (whether you know her or not) that you can say she doesn’t look like a total fucking idiot here. Possibly the worst thing about this is that she is so pretty without all that shite on her face!

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