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  1. This is why you should not do drugs… it is too late for this poor soul(being nice) but it may not be too late for you.

    1. But lets say what I want to… what the f is this dumb ass n doing. Guess its better than robbing a 711 but still… WTF Get your teeth fixed and do something productive with your life you ass clown.

    2. Although I agree with your post, I must point out that I think he is wearing some sort of teeth protector to make it look like he is missing teeth.

    3. killjoy, your sir are an idiot. Im assuming your an H, and with that said hes a man, not an N. Please hang yourself.

    1. I’m surprised people don’t get the joke. The guy even fakes his missing teeth. It’s called satire you oblivious imbeciles.

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