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  1. This post is pretty fucking gay..I mean, yea, it has valid points aside from the fact that Lestat also fell in love with a human girl and fucking turned her also, but this isn’t a fail..


    1. From what I understand, they are filming the next Dark Shadows as a movie, but of course, as I understand it Burton is involved, also.
      Fuck, I used to race home after school just to be able to catch the last 15 minutes of the original show. I was like 7. Had a hard on for Angelique, also.

    2. Burton and Depp make great movies together. Although I’ve never seen the original I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

    3. @pandora82: Well, to be honest, the original was a soap opera and campy as hell. But it worked at that time and was original. It had a low budget and the plot moved very slowly. It’s just that for me, it would only work properly as a soap again with new story lines. Burton and Depp may surprise me. I don’t know. Just have to wait and see.

    4. Southpark put it best when they said: “Hey Tim Burton, why don’t you suck Depp’s dick and get it over with?”

    5. Don’t remember Fred, I’ll check and see.
      Night stalker huh? Is that from a Stephen King’s book? The grandpa vampire?

    6. No, in the early 70s there was the movie The Night Stalker about a vampire with Carl Kolchak as a reporter narrating it. Then they did a sequel called The Night Strangler. Then they came out with a tv series that had a few good episodes. Basically this series is where The X-Files idea came from. Then around 2000 Stewart Townsend (the same guy pictured above as Lestat) played Kolchak in a series remake by a couple of the guys that wrote and produced The X-Files. It was cancelled after about 8 episodes, but it seemed to be pretty good.

  2. How is this post even on this site? It’s someone’s opinion, it has nothing to do with fail. All these dumb ass posts about vampire movies, WHO CARES VAMPIRES AREN’T REAL THERE ARE BIGGER ISSUES TO WHINE ABOUT ABOUT SHIT THAT ACTUALLY EXISTS!

    1. I guess I’ll start going back out to take pictures for people of walmart again…

      I’ve sent like..50 decent fails to this website and not one of them was used..This one was this dude on my facebook who was dressed as a “viking,” but the kid’s like 6ft and weighs about 110lbs..He said he was a burly Viking with his “busty” wench..and by busty wench he meant his real life Jabba the Hut girlfriend..

      Nothing from these people..

    2. I think I’m gonna start getting in those electric skooters at Walmart and riding around just fucking with everybody. I mean, that’s what they’re there for, right?

    3. Fred, unless your the size of a house, collect many baskets full of processed food and cola, and look like a bad cling on extra on Star Trek, you will not fool anybody. Mind you, I would like to see you try. 🙂

    4. Dear Ian, if you’re going to attempt to make a star trek reference, please for the love of god get it right. Klingon. Not “cling on,” like the fucking cellophane.

  3. Both of these “vampires” are pussies. Back in my day, vampires sucked blood, not cock. Next we’re going to hear about how Kiefer Sutherland was a “real bad ass vampire”. No, sorry… also a pussy. Vampires are decrepit cauldrons of hate and terror… not 19-yo emo kids w/ too much eyeliner. How much eyeliner is too much eyeliner? ANY amount of eyeliner is too much F’ing eyeliner.

    1. Can female vampires still suck cock? And since they’re technically dead, do you think they suffer from permanent vaginal dryness?? Be cold in there too, I would imagine.

    2. Nicky, on those hair curling irons, I know it says not to put up a vagina, but you can. Just use some lube.

  4. Okay so this isn’t even a honest to goodness valid point because every self respecting Anne Rice fan knows that The Queen of the Damned movie fucking blew.
    You’re just as bad as a fucking Twilight fan, come back when you ACTUALLY know a thing or two about vampires/Lestat when you read the book all about him you conformist prick.

  5. i read nothing any of you said…all i have to say it….yes, yes…yessss!!!!!! haha! “very fucking gay” ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  6. oh…now i read what everyone said and: stope effing crying you babies!! its just a damn funny picture geez, this isnt a damn chat room, save it debates!!

  7. ohh fuck no! read the book about anne rice! >..< lestat is a badass motherfucker who doesnt give a fuck about no one..hes epiik

    1. That’s right, he took over a band and broadcast all the vampiric secrets in order to not get attention from anyone, because he’s so very in tune with his own ego. Also, turning Louis and Claudia: totally because he doesn’t give a fuck about being loved. Epiik indeed.

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