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  1. Not so fast folks, this is a classic case of drawing the bad waiter or waitress at a restaurant, that’s a very good tip if you ask me.

  2. There is NO excuse for the tip on this receipt. Simply do not tip, and walk away. Next time, he/she will get spit on their food.

  3. Even if I received bad service I always leave a tip. Just might be nearly as much as if I had good or great service.

    1. It could have been a douchebag bigot who goes by “SlipStool.” Didn’t you mean, “…must HAVE”?

    2. I dont choose to agree with stereotypes but when you serve 10 black people and only one of them tips you, you start to predict very well your not going to get tipped. i’d say only 1 out of 50 white people dont tip. I wouldnt doubt that white person is a jew. I think jews are funny but stingy too.

    3. Even black waiters don’t want black people in their section. It isn’t bigotry if it’s true.

    4. There is only one group of people that had to get federal laws passed to get service in a restaurant. I’ll give you a hint: they were not Chinese.

    5. SlipStool- I feel really sorry for you. The level of stupidity that you have attained must be a great burden for you. A tip for you: Get off the internet, grab a book, read your history. {and yes you can read books online but a hand held book is a good start for you} Yes, people of all walks and races are poor tippers, but societal viewpoint, people who are non-Caucasian run a higher chance of receiving poor service, just based on looks. That leads to poor tips, which leads to more poor service. You see how that builds upon itself?

    6. And for the record, the customer was wrong to have done that; he should have contacted the manager and given constructive feedback.

    1. Good call, that’s happening alot now. Notice the account is concealed , why would Zachary care about their identity after getting stiffed ??!!

  4. Wow, if I worked there and this was left on my table I would mark that Motherfucker’s face for the next time he came in. vengeance will be mine. I tip more than the standard because I know servers get paid shit for the crap they have to deal with, plus I would like my food sans the spit or booty spice thanks.

  5. That’s messed up. Even if the server was a douche. Regardless, I still tip, just only a fraction of what I usually would if the service was good.

  6. It’s a Master Card DEBIT Card, ya’ll. LOL! If I was her, I’d closed it out with a $50 tip, pulled it out of the register, wrote it on the restaurant’s receipt, then let him dispute it. Screw him! His account would be $50 short for THREE MONTHS, while he fixed this issue, and I’d STILL get paid, because MC doesn’t go after disputed TIPS, ya’ll. 😀

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