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    1. @Nicky No Name,,, Why don’t you move in with DJAREM??? DJAREM like to play with your Snake…………………..

  1. When the highlight of your day is a bowl of curried goat shit, keeping cobras as a pet probably doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. I used to have a squirrel called Dave. I miss her very much.

    1. I’ll fuck a snake if you’ll hold it and keep it from biting me.
      BTW: Did Dave perish in the bowels of infamy (NNN’s butt)?

    2. So what i am saying is… i keep cobras as a pet.
      the best part about this video is that this little girl is more brave in picking up snakes than i am in picking up groceries.

    3. I don’t want to talk about Dave’s passing. It’s too painful. Still got the scratch marks.

    4. Sorry. My condolences. But you should remember, Nick, squirrels are like Americans. They refuse to take responsibility for their scratches…uh…actions.

    5. Why Americans? That’s people in general. There’s countries where people sell their 12 year old daughters to 50 year old men and let the men test out the wives first.

      Also, why Dave for a female squirrel? O.o

    6. Hey Melissa? Why don’t you shut the fuck up and stop questioning people’s freedoms for expression??

    7. Why is it, if you make one little derogatory comment about America, 50 fucking Americans have a fucking shit fit? Have a sense of humility for fuck’s sake! You’re gonna have to develop one sooner or later. Sooner, probably.

    1. yea totally wise, especially the “if god wants somebody to die, he ll die anyway”-part was extremely wise ,but whats about the idea that your god wants u to die for being such an idiot who gives his little daughter some deadly animals as pets….

    1. dude has it ever occurred to you that maybe just MAYBE those people just don’t give a damn about those so-called “western standards”? – different countries, different needs…

  2. How can somebody love an animal that constantly tries to harm you and can potentially kill you?

    Why is a little girl forced to have six of them?

    Snakes can be cool pets but this is a little……extreme…

    1. “How can somebody love an animal that constantly tries to harm you and can potentially kill you?”

      Ask that to s beaten wife

    2. Because Cobras are amazing animals. I would LOVE to have an albino monocle cobra, but I would use it for making anti-venin, not just as a luxuriously dangerous pet..

    1. yeah, I actually wondered about that too. If she survived that would be not so much just a “pet fail” as more like a true “traditional medicine win”

  3. Here you go daughter play with this. It could cause severe pain, blurred vision, vertigo, drowsiness, paralysis, cardiovascular collapse and…Death if your bitten. Remember, If god wants you to die honey, we can’t do anything about it so becareful…daddy loves youuuu.
    -Fucking stupid ass parent fail.

    1. Exactly!! I had a python for a pet at her age, but it was too small to constrict me and NON-VENOMOUS!!! I also had a dog, a cat and a squirrel. Geez!

  4. Indians are the biggest bullshitters ever. They sew these snakes mouths shut. I’ve dealt with quite a few Indians and lying and bullshitting is their career. Yes, they are nice people, but, do nice people lie/bullshit? Up to you.

    1. I love the fact that the “doctor” used his medicine, then backed it up with, “if God wants her to die, then so be it”. i have no medical background, but, if it was a “dry bite” she will live, it it was full of venom then this little girl is well and truly fucked!!

    2. I didn’t see all of the video, cause I have a shitty ip provider and too impatient to wait for it to load completely. But, I saw that in the first half, I didn’t see one snake open its mouth when it struck. I’m no snake expert, but I think they have to open their mouths to drive their fangs in.

    1. yeah, that’s what I thought at first since as a matter of fact you CAN acquire partial immunity to snake bites… yet in the end of the video… uhmmm… she DOESN’t look so well, does she?

  5. You think men have survived snake bites since thousands of years using modern day drugs? Girls gnna be fine, you can say what u want about herbs and all , but they work better than you think

  6. I too would like to know if the girl died or survived it.
    She looked good at first, but at the end of the video, she didn’t look well…
    And that “if God wants her to die, we can’t do anything” part… Holy hell, I’m so lucky I don’t live there!

  7. People that get bitten by snakes and survive build up immunity to the venom. Young people have better resistance.

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