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  1. A metaphorical statement about viewing the world from behind the bars of societal repression perhaps? Or just some bellend who likes sticking ugly metal in his face? I’m guessing the latter.

    1. Let’s try the first, “A metaphorical statement about viewing the world from behind the bars of societal repression”. Lame in my oppinion; Why are the ears, nose and mouth -maybe even the ass- represented. No, I don’t think there is any kind of art form expressed here. I think this guy just wants on EF or is expressing that I’m a fuckwit, and saying “WTF are YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?”

    2. Should’ve put quotes around “I’m a fuckwit”. Sorry, but everybody here knows that I’m really not a fuckwit.I’m talking about him and not me.

    3. I think everyone has overlooked the obvious. He must be a dedicated student, studying 24/7 and has used a very ingenious way of ensuring he does not close his eyes.

    4. 2LOLO, if I ever get a hold of your little inbred ass, I’m gonna rip off your testes and cram ’em up your nostrils! You little FUCKWIT!

    1. Phantom of the Opera was a musical, classic masterpiece.

      This is someone who obviously wasn’t loved by his parents, I’d imagine an Oedipus factor in there along with this stupid excuse of human expression…

      Don’t confuse the two please 😀

  2. I wonder what would happen if he saw something very interesting or scary and his involuntary muscles immediately raise his eyebrows in awe or fear… pain deserved.

  3. I think what happened was his mother told him to go get a job or she’d kick him out of the basement, so he got those put in so he could say, “Ma, I’ve been leaving applications everywhere, but nobody will give me an interview! I don’t know why! Now go away and make me a sandwich! My WoW guild is about to run a raid!”

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