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  1. Me: Who can hate a Mom who knows her way around a drum set?
    Boyfriend: One doesn’t know her way around the kitchen.
    Me: Bastard.

    1. If you knew anything about the drums, then you’d know the upside down cymbal is not a fail because you look really stupid right now.

  2. 3 things
    1. she is fucking epic
    2. she is rocking out on them drums
    3. thats fucking awesome

    you gotta love a mom that can rock out like that…

  3. She hasn’t hit the cowbell one single time, thus this vid NEEDS MORE COWBELL!
    Anyway I like how she enters “Keith Moon mode” around 3:20

  4. This is actually a fail. If you listen carefully she doesn’t get the wipeout beat right, and actually messes up what she is doing lol

    Nice try but no cigar…keep trying!

  5. Im a 47 yr old mom and drummer. I’m gonna post my drum solo video on here, for the Most Epic MOM WIN of all time. BRING IT!!!!!!!

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