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  1. Awk..this reminds me of how unsavory i am to most everyone (sour smelling, obese, jobless, mom’s-basement-dwelling ones seem to really go for me tho!)

  2. That’s what girls do, make you feel worse than you already are. I don’t like being around bitchy girls, and boys in general…How sad eh :3

    1. I phoned his mother, she was busy pole dancing at the Hells Angels club house, she’ll be home in a few hours/days to sort it out!!

  3. That was only a fail for the attention seeker who posted. Now guys know who to avoid, you can tell she’s probably one of those psycho types.

    1. Actually, you are dead on there. I dated her back in high school and she is one of those psycho types. Always had to be the center of the world. It made my day seeing this on!!

  4. She’s too sensitive… The question wasn’t a fail, that girls uptightness was. the other girl didn’t call her fat she just asked her a question, her reaction to that question proves she’s nothing but a pretty girl who needs to hear people call her beautiful in order for them to be in good terms with her. (sorry if my english isn’t great, it’s not my main language)

  5. I thought the fail was her asking if the “bodies” were changing… But I guess not, well, got me it is…

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