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    1. yo what does bob marley have to do with meth brah i think ur facts r all wrong kid u fail worse then these kids!!!!

    2. Scott, the fact you use the word “Brah” and “kid” makes you a fag. Go watch more Dog The Bounty Hunter, “brah” ….

  1. Come on man, this pic so old the only remarkable thing about it is that the guy who shot it had to bring it to a store to develop it.

    1. Don’t know where to begin…so I’ll just say everything you do or say will be an automatic fail 2bloblo.

    1. There was a girl that played, several times, with my dick in church. It was something like Fantasy Island. Forgot her name, but I remember she was the preacher’s daughter. Figures, right?

  2. “It’s a dead man’s party
    Who could ask for more
    Everybody’s comin’, leave your body at the door
    Leave your body and soul at the door . . .”

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