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    1. The one who drew this was obviously on drugs………I’m studying Art next years so I know what i’m talking about. He drew this when he was on something, otherwise he’s perverted.

    2. Well, from the words on the page I would have to guess it is French and well, you never know what you are going to get with the French. I do have to think you are right though. No one, other than someone with a fetish for this sort of thing would ever draw this, or they were on a massive dose of LSD.

    3. @britishgirl
      Some simple steps that should assist you in coming to some life-changing realisations:
      A) Do some drugs.
      B) Actually study art (rather than enrolling on a course and believing that that is sufficient)
      C) Review your prior statement.

  1. That’s not a fail, it’s some french biology science book showing the similarities between mammal limb bones. Plus it also teaches the proper posture to get boned by a horse.

    1. Thank you. People are so eager to make fun of something they don’t even take the time to know what they’re talking about.

    2. Keith, thanks for saying so – I did wonder.

      Banana: this image is pretty fucked up either way, if you haven’t got a sense of humour why are you even on this site? =P

  2. Yes it’s a french biology book, it means :

    “his knee is our wrist, his hock is our ankle, and his hooves are our fingernails.”

    “Horses are like us, they have arms and shoulders.”

  3. Heu well this is French, but I don’t understand why there is a lesson about the horse’s atonomy, I never never learnt it…
    It means that the horses have the same bones that the humans, it shows us the similarities between animals…

    (And no, we’re not “surprisingly loose with nudity and sex”, I find it was shocking too, but how funny! ^^)

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  5. Son genou est notre poignet.
    Son jarret est notre cheville.
    Ses sabots sont nos ongles.

    Les chevaux ont, comme nous, des avant-bras, des bras et des épaules.

    His knee is our wrist.
    His hock is our ankle.
    Its hooves are our nails.

    Horses, like us, forearms, arms and shoulders.

    (Désossée par un cheval)

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