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    1. They aint the first to try dis, many others have been caught sneaking in over the years… BUT $1,000,000 BOND JESUS TAPDANCING CHRIST HAHAHA

  1. wow, the level of intelligence is astounding with these people. Dumber than a bag of hair comes to mind watching this video.

    1. I’ve seen more intellect in a pair of sandals, where the hell do these people come from? And what was the purpose, how were they supposed to make money from this, or was this some kind of community service where dumb rednecks deliver drugs and phones for free? Oh American education system, you have a lot to answer for!!

    2. I am guessing never made it past the 3rd grade. That is a big step for most southerners in America I admit. Tough to get past the multiplication and Engrish 😛

    3. Now that is a different story altogether Fred. However, I am not sure how many of those women would be interested in you since most “adapt” to the new living conditions once inside.

    4. Oh, I don’t think I’d have anything to worry about. After I strutted around the cellblock with my nuts bulging out of my Hello Kitty panties, I’m sure there’d be quite a few that would come over to the Dickside.

    5. @ian its easy to make money doing this…the people they were trying to get the stuff to probably knew them and had their family pay them to do it. thats what they did at the prison i worked at a few years back.

  2. This is when I want to say that regardless of the few tv shows and morons like this. People from Louisiana are, for the most, educated and not ignorant racist idiots!

  3. i actually worked at a prison where someone did this. the sherrifs deputy contacted our prison to inform us that they caught a man running butt naked up the road (it was winter) so when we did a check we found his clothes and shoes hanging in the barbed wired…idiot

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