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  1. The Jasmine girl is just as stupid… PRINCIPLE means the morals one has. PRINCIPAL is the head guy/girl of a school. Damn, learn how to fucking spell.

    1. triple fail, i would be pissed if i worked hard and then god takes the acknoledgement for it, why not say well done jasmine? no, it has to be this stupid god thing…

  2. I was the head guy at mt school, but not like a Dean. I have to say though my hard work payed off, my jaw muscles are awesome, I can now crush an entire apple into juice with one bite.

  3. Is any one else sick of people giving god credit for everything, you worked hard you deserve it.

    @jocelyn, if there is a god who really knows, he obviously shows no mercy or he wouldn’t let all this fucked up shit happen. Unless he has a really dark, twisted sense of humor

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