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  1. Oh my god….. it’s parents like this that have noooo right to be parents what so ever. I could understand if it was a health problem that can’t be fixed, but this just looks like neglect and abuse…… wow.

    1. He’s being raised for food (consumption), the meat is more tender & juicy with the absence of muscular tissue. Bravo to his handlers, he’ll fetch a good price at market. 😉

    2. The kid could have lots of different types of health issues. Probably a thyroid problem.
      When the fuck are we gonna get some of them bald headed cancer kids on here so we can laugh at those little fuckheads? What makes them fucktards immune?

    3. @Ian: How do we know that God is not a little fat Chinese kid?
      Fuck! How do we know he’s not a little retard, like 2lolo? Hell, he may be 2lolo come to test us on the internet!
      Fuck! I gotta repent!

  2. Actually, I saw a Nat Geo special on this particular child. He has a RARE hormone problem that does not allow his body to process foods and fatty acids the way a normal metabolism does. Actually, she is a VERY GOOD MOTHER and has had him to several doctors to have surgery to help resolve the problem. You should know your facts before you go berating people. Remember, a photo is but a nanosecond in time… and things aren’t ALWAYS what they seem. You should be ashamed of posting this as a FAIL. 🙁 *sigh*

  3. Actually this kid cant help it he has been in the news some time ago here in Holland cant remember why but think this is more sad then a fail




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