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    1. actually it is a chick. hence the “lezbo BFF” pic at the bottom. Nice try at being a sarcastic douche…well you got the douche part down. 1 out 2 ain’t bad.

  1. I’d dare to disagree with one (recently common and important matter) – i.e. the so-called duck-face. It doesn’t resemble a duck in any aspect, and hence I propose to promote throughout the internet a way more apt name for this (failed) attempt to copy one’s rear cavities look on (usually) her face – SPHINCTER FACE describes shape, level of fail and what we think of such a ‘fashion’ by far more accurately.

  2. He’s doing it wrong, it should have been with a cell phone camera in poor lighting and there should be a bright flash coming from the camera.

  3. hilarious!! and sadly i am pretty sure i have at some point been guilty of ALL of those…. and will probably continue to be guilty of those in the future….but still completely hilarious!!!!

  4. As a girl, I’m proud to say I have never done any of those poses and tell my sister to “stop that shit” whenever ever I see her making a duck face for photos.

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