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    1. Because so their faces are softer but a bit of scrubbing would help. Anyway, gravity will always win. It gets better – in the end. Just like anal intrapolation.

    2. Because every other race knows better that to disgrace themselves by having dumb ass hairdos like this.

    3. Y’know what?. Maybe slavery wasn’t such a bad idea for these dumbasses. I mean, really. They can’t pull it together as group. lol. Even that motherfucker Herman Cain is a piece of shit, almost had us all fooled, ya take the Polygraph prove your innocence, whoops. Where’d he fuckin’ go? I was just firing up the machine. What a lying cunt. – ok I feel better now.

    4. “Amy Winehouse” (are you a fag or what haha) you should roll up in South Central abd say that shit bet the community would love your ideas.

    5. Truth hurts, don’t it. Look, Bananaman it would be a waste of time 1/2 you ignant mofos wouldn’t understand plain english the other 1/2 would be trippin over their pants to get out of the way my speeding truck…

  1. Is she a hooker? This is just like her tip jar isn’t it? She gives a blow job, then sticks the money on her head using fresh jizz, it shows how popular she is.

    1. @IAN, Isn’t that, what you do. Every night??? Nicky No Name, see what your Boyfriend is doing, when your sleeping…..

  2. I have nothing… the image speaks far too well for itself. I can’t say “Black people” I cant say “Typical” because, and thank the gods, these idiots dont represent the race in its entirety…. (as there are also white people that do this dumb shit with their welfare checks) I dont really believe its an issue of race, but of ignorance, and a lack of education. I wish welfare were harder to obtain, and I wish dropping below a C average, or out of school were a crime within themselves, but they are not… so we will always have these dumbed down faces of racial youth giving a bad name to their respective races….

  3. why do they have to recieve public assistance? you all are some racist assholes. but wait lets go through and see all the dumb white trash doing ignorant shit with their money! ppl do stupid shit. U all r just internet talkers who never go outside and say this shit. because the best nigga would stomp a mudhole n ya chest. then dig your great great hick ass grandmom up and skull fuck the dead bitch. im out

  4. i agree that its a dumbass hairdo but all this racist bullshit it most definitely out of line, for real. When are you racists fucks ever going to realize that America’s not white, it’s fucking diverse in race and ethnicity. If you have such a huge ass problem, then why don’t you go back to your native country? Maybe you’ll be happier with your own kind. I’m sure it sucks to be hateful and bitter all the time. I mean damn, don’t hate on everyone else just because we all get along with each other! Ignorance is plain fucking ugly. The damn hairdo’s not about being black. So, shove a black dick down your throat and shut the fuck up, thanks! <3

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