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    1. Holy fuck, I just watched the whole thing. I’m definately going to hurt someone now. The only question is which poor fuck will it be today?.

    2. Go kick a neighbour’s cat. Or if you live in a rural area, walk up to a cow and punch it as hard as you can, in the face. It helps me when I’m feeling down.

  1. Cults- it isn’t always about the spooky religious practices, rambling diatribes, and isolated compounds; sometimes they like to cut loose with karaoke and green screens.

  2. Duh, common sense is not to wear the same color as the chromakey background used. That video was giving me a headache to watch.

  3. Actually not that bad. Instruments are good, they just sing like sh!t. They need a lead singer and they would be tolerable.

  4. Actually kids, these where booths they had in some theme parks in the 90s where you would go in and make a video for fun. 10 minutes and 20$ later you would come out with a cassette. Then they would play your video on screens outside the booth just to humiliate you a bit more. It was pretty cool back then and they’re not actually playing those instruments. Not actual wanabes.

  5. ‘it doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not’
    well i think Bon Jovi composing this song doesn’t thought that someday some ban will brake his rule but well
    ‘baby its okay…someday’

  6. I hate bon Jovi with a passion anyway, and but after watching that it has caused my brain to go into meltdown, anyone got a lend of a shotgun and bon jovi’s address please.. THE BASTARD

  7. I met Jon Bon Jovi at a Dutch Television thing in Hilversum around 1998. He was boringly normal, but girls in the studio were throwing their pussies at him. He owes me a packet of cigarettes, by the way. This video is better than I can do.

  8. Lyrics from the song, “It doesn’t make a difference if we make or not” … it’s a good thing, cause they will not.

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