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    1. “I would wet myself with me too often?” WHA? And is that adult diapers? The type that Stephen Hawking wears?

    1. At least you’re trying to get a woman, huh?
      Keep feeling sorry for me. I don’t have to wear diapers to get a woman to play with my dick.

    2. Holy crap 2lolo, that’s the first time I have EVER seen you put together 6 words spelt correctly, although you did use big letters where they should be small, but outstanding effort regardless.

    3. Fred; Quick question. Do you have the ability, to put that ANNOYING voice, into affect? So that it can fit, your ANNOYING Trolling? O_o

    4. I sure as fuck can, Zoey! And you will still read every trolling word I put up here. Is that a quick enough answer for your quick question?

    1. Lol.Hahaha! Woah! Lol!Ah. XD
      Quick question, “Zoey”. Could you change your name to something that doesn’t sound like the noise a redneck makes when he coughs a big snot ball up and spits it across his yard? Huh,”Zoey”?

  1. Scary part, somewhere there is a woman drooling over this. I remember some stupid daytime talk show where women loved their man in diapers. I think I am going to go throw up now.

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