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    1. I think so to his stomach seems to be the right shape but apparently “music is lipe” even though you can barley tell that’s an F at first glance.

    2. He does, a particularly shitty one at that. Also, he charges people to do tats for them – this pic was just the diamond in the goldmine of fail.

    1. muhammed guy dude i respect freedom of speech but your user name might just be a little bit offensive to the christian community actually it will probably piss everyone christian off lol.

    2. Well, actually his name should offence both the christian and muslim community. Cause if Mohammed 69’s Jesus, wouldnt that mean that Jesus also 69’s Mohammed?

    3. Actually neither should be pissed ……. Getting upset for offending a make believe person is totally ridiculous !

    4. @ hate moon crickets; you sir are an incredibly huge idiot and fail at life you should eat some lead and do us all a favor. you may not believe WHO they were, but they WERE indeed actual people in history moron. that’s like saying Gahndi or Dr Martin Luther King were make believe

    5. you suck at life, they were both historically documented people, regardless if you don’t believe what they did. Thats like saying Ghandi or Dr Martin Luther King were “make believe”. go eat some lead moron

    6. Mohammed or Muhhamad lived 600 years after Jesus. You’re joking right?
      I meant no CONTEMPORARY historian of that time EVER recorded or documented a figure by that name, noone mentioned any large gatherings of people to hear sermons, nor any miracles, nor anyone who claimed to be the Son of God.

      Please. Continue.

    7. You’re all fucking wrong!!! Jesus bags groceries at the Walmart down the street, and Mohammed works the counter at 7-11 around the corner, but I didn’t know they had a sexual relationship together.

  1. The only difference is Dr Martin Luther King and Ghandi were both very well known people, DOCUMENTED by several different sources and the existance of which are not argued about by every different religion that exists. Was Jesus a real person? Maybe. But seeing technology and i

  2. *relative intelligence at the time it probably wasnt THAT hard to pull a fast one on somebody. I mean, magicians were revered for their mysterious skill back then. Yeah religion is real but to me you might as well still believe in Santa Clause if you believe in God.

  3. Well… actually those tats aren’t even that bad considering they’re homemade… it’s that paunch that makes this all a FAIL…

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