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    1. Fuck you & your first… Looks like she got the pointy end in the melon. I’d say that was a win. nice kick!

    1. I was more bothered by their complete lack of concern for the girl’s well-being… walked straight past her and made sure his block of wood was OK. What a cunt.

  1. The failure was the guy holding the board. When I was in class, they always used two people to secure a board before breaking it.

  2. D-bag: *looks at Boobs McTitty* MEH *looks at the block of wood* OMG, Woody, love of my life, are you OK?”
    The whole story right there… I wonder if he sexed it later :S

  3. Didn’t that bitch know about other exercises? The only fail here was that stupid cunt. Why are girls always that stupid? Like they don’t have brain at all. -.-

  4. Wow, the first break was one board, and he is wearing a black belt!!! If that girl had broken the board with a head-butt that would have been an epic win!!!

  5. I did taekwon-do for ten years and last week, I was attacked by a breeze block and two wooden boards. Fucked em right up…

  6. Ive been attacked by a fork once while doing dishes. It flew out of the water and tried to eat my eyeball. I bent it out of shape and threw it in the “bad forks” pile.

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