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    1. It’s not a fail since it’s written “WIN” in the right corner.

      Captain obvious to serve you. You’re welcome!

    2. Who says shit like that. Read the caption before commenting stupid ignorant shit. Spell check wouldn’t hurt either. IDIOT

    3. You think that the admin is a 14 year old kid? Are you a fucking idiot? why do I ask ofc you are! I hope YOUR child is born dead!

    4. heya dipstick…u have no sence of grammer.. (sense and grammar) nor of spelling, and we all know you can’t get a sock puppet pregnant so we won’t be wasting curses on you today.
      choke yourself.

  1. Uncut, if you look on the photo, it clearly says WIN. Please don’t procreate. Leave the breeding to people with higher iq’s and better eyesight.

  2. The dude on the ground obviously has never had such a large building crammed into his anus, the expression on his face is a dead give away!!

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