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  1. I don’t get it, all the answers are correct. What am I looking at? Who wrote cum time, the student? What is it supposed to mean?

  2. It’s good they know how to multiply but how young are they teaching multiplication now a days? Are they teaching it to kindergartners or first graders? The hand writing looks like it came from a seven year old. If so, that would be great! We didn’t learn how to multiply until the third grade. Good for them, math WIN!

    1. but they didnt have the sexual connotations in there…. I dont care how much of a whiz you are…. math will not get you off. LOL

    2. Hell most animals are born with an innate sense of how to multiply that unlocks around sexual maturity…………..

    3. StompAround, I agree with your hypothesis, and I would consider it an axiom. But why multiplication tables? Though, a table will work in a pinch, I prefer my sex swing.

  3. Cum Time, multiplication, I see they are trying to insert a little sex ed during math. – Get the lame attempt at a joke?? HA!

  4. So is the Student expected to masturbate while completing the math problems? That would be an interesting test with a classroom of masturbating students concentrating on math problems. My kind of class.

  5. ok thats it mohammed 69 dude your user name pisses me off. Thats very fucking offensive to me. you shouldn’t make fun of jesus like that i don’t care what religion you are or if your atheist its fucked up to make fun of any religion, online anyways…

    1. Shut up. Nobody cares if it insults anyone. Who cares if it is jesus. Notice how you didn’t complain about insulting mohammed. The biggest issue, though, is that you need to get a sense of humor. It was meant ans a joke, and it is rather funny.

    2. …because ONE of these many imaginary friends might turn out to be real!
      But, they could just forgive you, so no biggie.

    3. And why didn’t you write the whole name? It’s Mohammed 69’s Jesus for fuck sake!
      Oh wait, is it “Don’t type the Lord’s name in vain!”?

    4. I’m offended by everything. Now, since I stated that fact, I think it would be politically correct for everyone to stop commenting here…except me.

    5. “its fucked up to make fun of any religion, online anyways…” so can I do it in person?

  6. Teachers need to be mindful of what they put in front of children. Had my daughters or son brought this home, there would be hell to pay.

  7. When I was in 5th grade, my teacher would put Cum Test.
    In her mind, it meant Cumulative Test.
    So maybe thats what it meant?

    1. haha he’s commenting in each one of the fails , I don’t know what’s his point. Calmese compadre ahah!

    1. He probably won’t reply. It’ll take him all day to look all my big words up in the dictionary. I had one five letter word there that will fuck him up.

  8. Who has really failed is all the people who don’t know the real definition of the word and only know it’s slang meaning.

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