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  1. – You are 29 years old. It’s obvious that your mother doesn’t want to use her home as a love nest.
    – Get a good job and find a place to live along.

  2. More like son fail. Sal is 29 year old JackA** just like his mom said. Show your mom some respect, especially when you’re mooching off of her you lazy immature JackA**. “Mom I’m 29 years old, you don’t think I have sex?” While most 29 years have sex, most also have jobs, so how is she to know what to think.

  3. He has nephews if you listen to what he says, and sometimes people gotta move back home, lol, why does everyone hate? I live on my own and wish I had a family to move back in with instead of being like, evicted and always struggling with no other options. This shit was so effing funny, and the guy was really cute too! HAHA.

  4. Three things:
    1. That’s a good-looking house with nice stuff in it.

    2. He’s 29 and still living with his mother? It’s more like son fail instead of mom fail. Hopefully he is helping her with some of the bulls

    3. He is lucky that she didn’t have a heart attack because of his bullshit.

  5. I like how everyone is jumping the gun thinking he is jobless. He may just need to be there to get back on track. He isnt the first child to have moved out of the house but had to move back in when times got tough or needed help. And off the whole topic of the video itself….some of you need to relax.

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