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    1. How is it that Americans always drink Bud light… that stuff tastes like diluted piss and with cans that small you need about three sixpacks until you even NOTICE you’re drinking beer. Needs some more Irishmen abroad to teach them Merrikuns some drinking skills…

    2. Well spotted Nicky. The midgets are the best for getting into those hard to reach places, my colon has never been cleaner since buying my own cleaning midget.

    3. They’re Dominican. Unfortunately, I know exactly who they are. The baby in the sink is actually their nephew.

    4. Very true Ian… their stubby little hands get everywhere… and with a midget, you can both stand up for BJs.

    5. You mean you both can stand up while your giving him a BJ? Or do you stand up and hold him up? I’m sorry. I’m confused. But it’s somewhat interesting just to try to picture.

    6. I’m with poopr i dislike beer it tastes terrible liquor is were its at my friends or malt liquor

  1. 1 its bud light and 2 i was brought up with bathing in the sink and there aint nothing wrong with me, if you think any diffrent i will fucking kill you

  2. They must be children, thinking drinking is ‘cool’, like people who have one beer and act trashed(I know, some people can’t tolerate booze, but these too clearly think they’re cool cause they’re drinking and that usually means they’re young)… then again, 21 as the drinking age?

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